Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have to confess I did not make this one..but it is SO LIKE my buddy Gypsy...just had to post it.

Been feeling down these days

having just lost another sweet friend to Cancer.

So needed to make a few HAPPY KALDS.

Kind of like releasing balloons for her I guess.

She loved my Kaleidoscopes.

Happy Journey GYPSY.

With Love and Respect, Rose


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Rose,

Beautiful! And they are as vivid as Gypsy LuLu's spirit. I know her spirit is brighter than ever now that she has been released from the bonds of misery.

I will miss her so much..such a lovely lady....I'm a southern girl with that southern drawl. You know she was from Chattanooga, TN...my home state...we used to talk about different stuff in Tennessee.

We can wipe our eyes and get to creating beautiful things in honor of Gypsy...

Live Life Like You Mean It!! Gypsy did...and we all must do the same.

Stephanie ♥

Dawn said...

Rose, I can completely share your feelings. I miss gypsy very much. I just keep thinking that she is no longer in pain and is back to her vibrant self. I bet she, Chef and Woody are planning the next version of DA 101.

Susan said...

Hi! Rose
I did not know your friend, but I am sorry for your loss. Your kaleidoscopes are beautiful and certainly a very nice tribute to her memory!

The Rustic Victorian said...

This is a sweet tribute Rose. How are you doing? When does the sad go away,,, my heart is on the ground for a dear one's husband that passed monday from cancer. I heard this morning. I know she is in such grief. It takes time, I know it does. I keep thinking, they are free and in the arms of Jesus. It's the only way I can deal with grief. I might try a kaliedoscope too. Thanks for listening.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Steph, Dawn, Susan and Marcie....We do have to let our grief "out" somehow....and as artists, we can be a bit more "hard copy" expressive than most maybe.
I am well aquainted with grief now..I have been losing friends for years...the first friend I lost was when I was only 35, and as I age...I have accepted that this will happend more and more often. The 24/7 type of grief does not seem to last as long as it use to..and that is WONDERFUL as far as I am concerned..
BUT LORD PLEASE....I sure don't want to be TESTED with losing another of my children..... or a grandchild that is for SURE.

And Marcie, you are right..it is the ONLY way that we can endure the grief that comes...is to think of the day we will meet them again at Jesus feet.
Be the "available friend" and listening ear to your friend...that is the best you can do for her right now.


The Rustic Victorian said...

You are a wise woman Rose. Thank you. I have instructed my friends in Oregon to hug her for me....and I will be there for her and listen and extend grace. She is going to need her girlfriends, and family.