Thursday, June 17, 2010


Really like the way this was done...and like the sunbeams
glowing on the stairsteps too.



This truely is charming. Love the mother or maid standing in the background keeping an eye on those sweet ones.

Beatnheart said...

hope all is well Rose...take it easy...Cynthia

Susan said...

Rose that portrait is awesome. it makes me want to jump in the photo and live during that time.

Pearl said...

What a beautiful picture and home, I could so live there! Thanks for sharing, Pearl

phonelady said...

Yeah I definately think I could live there but remember ladies did not have the vote back then and we were considered property by men back then . and we had very little say so over our own lives just prespective and something to think about .

BellaRosa said...

Rose amor, I have missed visiting you and seeing what new gorgeous images you have posted for us to admire :) Thank you for your lovely emails, they have uplifted me and my family at this time, like you have no idea :) Take care amor, Besos, Rose

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yes this sceen..I believe that is the mother.
But they did not have it easy back then...if they did not have "help."

Phonelady, Nope it would not be the life for me....I'm too independent for that.

But I sure loved their homes and their summer clothes.. WOULD NEED A/C too.


Pink Rufflez said...

Lovely picture!