Saturday, April 3, 2010


Another vignette from the Antique Show....really caught my eye.


Susan said...

I love the look of dried roses!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thanks far, this is my favorite image from the show...I had to do a double take it was so pretty when I saw them laying there...and got off a couple of shots . I would like to have gotten a few other angles, but did not want to make a pest of myself.


The Brocantess said...

Hi Rose! Thank you for the comment. The voto you found is lovely. Did you purchase it? The dealer is correct. Votos are difficult to find due to their delicate nature as you found when you noticed the weight. I am not sure how much that dealer was selling the voto for but they can run upwards of $150 for the smaller ones and much more for the ones that are over 6-7" tall.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dear Brocantess ...first of all thank you for joining my is always such a delight to have new members.
No, I did not buy it....OUT of my price range...for somthing that I can't store something in or on....she wanted over $300 hundred each for hers. These appeared to be about 4" X 5" or so. There were three of them.
I was amazed..BUT they were beautiful.
She was gracious enough to let me photograph them however.


Diane said...

Rose, those tiny keys are such a treat! Lucky you!!! So glad you had an enjoyable Easter dinner with your daughter.

Many blessings,