Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~ KALD DESIGN ~ by Rose

You might have to enlarge this to see details...Rose


Rebecca said...

Hi Rose
Thanks for stopping by
Love your part of the country, I was at RT for seven days straight so I wouldn't feel bad about a couple,
Loved your images

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Rebecca, SEVEN days ??? ...oh my goodness....!
I would be so worn out...I would not be able to walk for a month.
I bet you STILL did not see it all even in that lenght of time.
We never made it to the BIG RED BARN ...or a number of the roadside tents. We are not young any longer...so it takes us a while to get around.
Marburger is one full day for us...but we don't want to miss a THING there.