Friday, April 16, 2010


This image has nothing to do with the question...but thought it was such an interesting image.
I did not take is from one of my share groups.

MY QUESTION is this... I can hear
something " rattling" softly inside my computer sounds like my second hard drive
but not sure.
It seems to be only when I have an image up in my PhotoShop
program...or a website that has a lot of information showing on it.
Does anyone else have
that problem..??? And if so, what do you do
about it..or what can I do about it ?

It makes me a bit is not constant...just intermittent...
however... very presistant....and ANNOYING !!



Sea Witch said...

Sounds like your second fan is dying. Now, get a can of air and clean the dust from the back of your system first. This will make fans run harder and is probably your rattling noise on apps that require more power. If this does not help it, check your fans. they have a shelf life. Sea Witch

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thank you so much.. but I don't really know how to do that. I know it happened one other time..and my grandson came home and cleaned the tower out with a air sprayer. It was really dusty then. But that was not too long ago.
He is out of town right I may have to wait until he comes back. I dont' like to mess with this kind of thing, and am not strong enough to get that tower out from where it is ....under my desk.
Or it is just the BACK of the tower wher all the plug in cords are ?
Would I have to take the "cover" off...?? He took the cover off and did it that way last time.
Maybe I can get a neighbor kid to do it for me..who knows something about doing this.


Diane said...

Rose, your photos are always so beautiful!! The twirled fern, the roses in the post below...gorgeous compositions. What an eye you have!

sweetoldvintage said...

Hi Rose... I hear everyone talking about photoshop... Did you purchase a cd or software?Have a lovely week.