Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We went to an Estate Sale started yesterday, but I could not go then...( tears )
It sure must have been good yesterday..because the stuff left today ....was too.

Got this lace and the neat little necklace and some really old music sheets and covers too. A couple of straw hats that I hope to decorate with some of this lace ( and flowers. )

If anyone has any good idea's about
decorating straw hats with lace, etc. I would love to know about it.



Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh my goodness! I just posted today about my thrifted vintage laces also! =) Yours are GORGEOUS! Have fun creating!


oh wow! i would love these packets in my collection! they are lovely! what great finds!

you'll have so much fun incorporating them into your artful creations, i'm sure!

well done! I'm jelous!! lol

creative carmelina

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Cape Cod and was fun discovering that lace under a pile of "stuff" at that sale...almost missed it.
But it will be used for SOMETHING..not sure what yet.
My husband is an artist too...and he and I are trying to think of a project or two that we can work on together ,I don't have the patience for painting....wish I did.

Hugs, Rose

Dorthe said...

Woooo ,lucky you, here we haven`t startet on markets yet, only in May, I almost can`t wait any more.
xo Dorthe

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dorthe, they are usually almost every day of the week around here...our weather is nicer most of the year being here in the Southwest....BUT.. we too have had a LONG winter however.

I JUST started really WATCHING the posts for Estate Sales and have signed up on several Estate Sale websites here in our area.

There is another LARGE one coming up next week sometime..not sure what day yet, they don't tell you until about a day they do not want people comming to the homes before the sale date.
And I have noticed...the more days they hold the sale..the MORE INVENTORY they have.


The Victorian Parlor said...

Love the lace! I can't wait to see what you create with it:).



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hi Kim, Until my husband agrees to a storage type unit for the dining room...for all my "craft stuff"...including lace. ~~I just don't have any room on my dining room table to work on anything. I THINK I MAY have him convinced on two wrought iron shelf units at Hobby Lobby. I believe they still have a 30% off sale on them.
AND they are already painted off white !!!