Monday, March 29, 2010

~ MORE WARRENTON ~almost done....( snicker) ~

Where does one start in a shoppe like this one ???
Christie's (from country Line Market~ Summerfield Place, Dayton, Tx )...but will be in Warrenton, TX..... for another week yet.


The Feathered Nest said...

Yummmmmm, such gorgeous treasures Rose!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos with us, it's almost like being there! Wishing you a great week, hugs and love, Dawn

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Ooooo, ahhhh, mmmmm, oh excuse me I'm so shopping as I look at your gorgeous photos!

I've just gotta go next year! So wonderful! I'm going back to your photos now and supersize them so I don't miss one itty bitty thing!



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...
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Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dawn and IS almost like being there...and that is EXACTLY why I do this...for those who live just too far away to be ABLE to enjoy the sites of this event.

But we ran into a retired couple many years ago..up in Ohio...before we moved to Texas...who told us about this very event..and said they FLY down to be there for I am not sure I would go THAT far..unless money was NO OBJECT.

We just love attending these Antique Extravaganzas and will contiue to do so ...LORD WILLING... until I can't walk another's so IN MY BLOOD to do these day trips to Round Top and Warrenton, TX...and parts unknown.
Being we live close enough to not only enjoy the ride over there..but it's close enough to do it in one turnaround in a day. But we have learned we need to go back more than once in those (10 days) or so that the shows are there.
But to REALLY SEE ALL or most of these venues...spreading acrros the Texas must plan on three or four days in the area....but hotel accomidations are SCARCE...people book rooms ~~ONE YEAR AHEAD of you will probably have to stay a bit out of the immediate area..and drive back and forth each day.
BUT IT IS WORTH IT ! It is advertised to be one most well attended Antique venues...IN THE WORLD. (if you can believe that..and somehow, I can !)
Yet because it is so spread out along the highways and does not feel all that crowded.

HOWEVER, having said that..we NEVER go there on the week-ends..NEVER... ONLY DURING THE WEEK.

So come on down !!!!