Thursday, February 18, 2010


My husband and I were in a Mexican restaurant today..and were getting ready to ask for our bill.....and a woman who was sitting across the isle from us ....came over and said she had already paid for our lunches.
She said that she was watching us and said because we had said grace before lunch and were just so "cute" together...she wanted to do that for us.
She told us she does this from time to time.... and that we may wish to do the same for someone else sometime.

We were delighted of course, and thanked her. She told us she attended a Baptist Church ...not too far from where we were....and she invited us to come to visit her church if we would like.
And the funny thing is...we had heard about this particular church from some other friends...about how VERY friendly and welcoming it was when they visited there one time not too long ago. We just MIGHT go and visit them.

She had no other agenda. How nice was that ??



Anonymous said...

Rose, I have heard of people standing in a checkout line and paying for the person standing behind them secretly. What a nice thing that was that happened to you today!

You asked about the paper tag on my's from K & Co. The website has chipboard and ribbons and threads only. All of the papers I used on the tags today are from K & Co. Michaels carries a lot of their products. Their scrapbook paper tablets are gorgeous, double-sided designs.

Also you asked what I do with all of them? I give some away, put some on packages, will try to sell some on consignment at a local shop and just enjoy making them! Oh...I also use them to attach my beaded pins to when I sell them. It makes a nice presentation package.

Thanks for asking! It was nice of you to wonder.

It's almost TGIF!

All My Yesterdays said...

Aww, I love when people do things like this. Just wish everyone would..
And I know something nice will happen to her also, that's how it works...
Let us know about your visit to the church (O:
And keep being you!

Queen of Dreamsz said...


I call it "Paying it Forward" or "RAOK" (Random Act of Kindness).

It's always delighted me to see the look on strangers faces when I unexpected pay for something....

I'm so glad you and your husband were on the receiving end today. :0) It does bring to the forefront that there really is kindness and generosity in the world. :0)

One day you will "Pay it Forward". :0) It truly goes so far beyond the monetary part. It's a true blessing.

Thanks for coming over for a visit..I'm always happy to see your smiling face. :0)

♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dear Rose,

I love RAOK! When I hear about beautiful blessing like yours I visualize all the cherubs in heaven smiling, dancing and giggling with joy in their hearts. Such acts of kindness are surely touched by "Angel Dust".

And...I am lovin' the photo of the pottery!

Thank you!


The Victorian Parlor said...

What a gracious thing to do:).



Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Rose,

I forgot to answer your question about Thomas when I posted last night.

He was already retired...until...when the stock market started sliding back in 2006 he went back to work in his field. That's why we were in the Memphis, TN area for a few was solely for the big money..then the stock market disaster of 2008 happened along with the slide of everything else in the country.

So any how we thought he would have this contract through the end of this year, then he was told the end of May, then about three weeks ago he was told he had two weeks! Just insane how people are treated. So we were not entirely ready for this lay off but then again we weren't ready for the huge loss we sustained in the stock market either!!

We like so many millions of others that had retirement affected by the stock market are now living live from an entirely new's a sad story...but life goes on and we make the best of it that we can...otherwise, there would be millions of us jumping off the nearest bridge! hehe :0) (or as one new trend seems to have started...flying a plane into an IRS building!!!! Total despair is settling in for a lot of people in this country.

Something definitely needs to change in Washington, DC...So far 5 congressmen have resigned from Congress over how they are driving our country into the ground.

So, yes, he is retired (again) :0) When the economy turns around he may be able to pick up short term contracts and that will be good...otherwise, he's home.

We will finally be able to finish arranging and organizing our home. There is just so much I've put on the back burner due to not being able to do it alone.

Thomas is gearing up for Springtime so he can launch the boat. :0)

Thanks for asking about's always nice to connect to others that are retired or close to it...

♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I truly believe it could not have happened to a sweeter couple. When I hear stories like this it gives me hope for our world. If only more people were like this sweet lady.
So happy you shared this with us

Pearl said...

Oh I love it when that happens! I was at a restaurant with all of our family having a birthday and I kept watching this young family with 2 little boys. They were well mannered little boys but Daddy loved to tease them and they would squeal with delight. Momma looked so tired like she had a very long day. They were the sweetest family ever. So I looked over at my 75 year old father and said "watch this family" well my Dad got a kick out of them too because it reminded us of our family. I said "I'm going to pay for there meal" Dad said "Oh yes that would be wonderful" so I told the waitress do not tell them who paid for it and don't tell them until we are gone. She said she would, I can't do that very often but when I can I get such a delight out of it. And since it has been done to me I know exactly how it feels! It's time for all of us to get back to the days when people were much more polite and good. Thanks for this story it brought back great memories, Pearl

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hi everyone, I am glad I shared the story too...yes it was a sweet blessing.
I am sure we will see her once again sometime. I asked her name, I wish I had asked for her email addy too. ( silly me) OR I could have given her one of my blog "business" cards....I just was so surprised,that I did not have my wits about me.
Steph..yes...2008 was not KIND to us either...just maddening really. So many plans had to change for all of us I am thinking.

Do any of you ever listen to GLEN BECK on FOX NEWS ? The man really has a LOT of good info and is SO SHARP about what is really going on in AMERICA.
Yes,I believe the "rats are jumping ship" it is sinking. What an annoying state of affairs in Washington DC !!!!!!!!

OK...enough of that for right now.

Diane, how do you adhere the K & Co. paper to the chipboard ? Nice of you give some of your lovely work away. May I ask what your tags sell for in that shop ?

All my Yesterdays...please tell me your name..even if is is a "web nickname"...I don't know what to call you.

Sandy...I had heard of RAOK but just thought it was a saying mostly they have an official organization or website do you know ?

Kim, we were blessed by it..for sure.

Maggie, Thank so are too kind...but you know what... we are a NICE couple..(smiling)....and it's 42 years and counting.
It's our second marriage each..but we both learned from our earlier mistakes, and that is what makes things so much better for us now.

Loving all of you,

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said... must have been posting about the same time I was...I did not see your post there a few minutes ago. I am glad you have that memory.
I know, we sometimes see families who's children are so well behaved....And when we do...they are ALMOST ALWAYS homeschooled children..have you noticed that too ?
And I always go over and compliment the parents ...and the children on their sweet behavior. The children are always so sweet to each other as well.
LOTS of parents here in Texas home school thier chilren.
However, we have never paid for a meal for them as of YET !! But you know what...IT WILL HAPPEN soon !
There is a young ( home schooled) waiter that works in a favorite restaurant of ours and whenever he waits on us...we always make sure he gets an extra special tip. He is so polite and helpful and never acts like he would rather not be there.
When he has an extra minute..he tells us about his siblings and parents....he is so darling and loves them so much...he told us he gives most of the money he earns there to his parents.