Tuesday, February 23, 2010


THIS SHELF is just to get your attention...it is not mine.
OK...here it is.....I am thinking about converting my dining room into a
studio/workshop...and I need YOUR advice about what I should
use ... (and would love to see some pictures of what YOU use ) ...in your studio/workshop
to store things in, on, into...be it a cabinet with doors, a shelf only,
a cubbyhole arrangement, a large cupboard...WHATever it is YOU use,
I would like to know how well it works for you...for storing
CRAFTY things in. ~I have so much stuff now.... AND it is all over the place...
and it needs to be organized....BUT HANDY !
I plan to use my dining room table to do my crafts, etc. on...
Thank you so much,


Miss Gracie's House said...

I don't know! No matter what I try I always have a mess! and it doesn't stay put!
Have fun organizing...

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Dear Rose,

My one helpful hint that I use over and over again for all my crafts is:

You know those plastic covered containers you can buy salad in that are sold at your local grocery store? I use the big and little ones...after they are empty...I wash and dry thoroughly and store my "stuff" fabric, stones, whatever inside..they stack beautifully inside my craft closet and drawers and then I can see exactly what's inside, they are protected and define going green. Hope this helps.

Good luck with your project!



Anonymous said...

I used an old china cabinet in my last studio...but I don't have a photo on hand to share with you at the moment...

Put your items and goodies in pretty floral boxes and stack them behind the glass doors of a china cabinet...I used creamers and sugar china pieces to hold paintbrushes and crochet hooks....repurpose everyday beautiful items to set things out on display and within easy reach!

hope that sparks something for you!


EVA AGNES said...

Hi Rose, saw today!!! that you commented in my photoblog i November....
Went straight to your blog and I must tell you that I LOVE it!!
Totally my style.
Sorry that I can't help you with your turning-dining room- to workshop-project. Just blanc at the moment.
Eva Agnes

Primitive Seasons said...

Rose, I did exactly what you are doing about two years ago. We never used our formal dining room and I decided to go for it. It's sooooo convenient to the kitchen, keeping an eye on meals, to the screened in deck for relaxing and reading in the summer, to answer the front door if the bell rings. I love it. I have pics of my studio on my blog. I didn't use any furniture, as I sold it, but just have my usual studio and sewing furniture in there. Except my big desk is a farm table I found on sale. If you want to discuss anything, feel free to email me. Go for it!


The Victorian Parlor said...

I store all of my art supplies in various decorative boxes or jewelry boxes found at thrift shops or leftover from gifts (the ones from perfumes and body lotions are great). This way I have decorative storage and I'm recycling at the same time!



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I so very much appreciate all your advice...I have sent emails to those who have written to me with specifics.
Hope I did not miss anyone.



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Eva Agnes....glad you stopped by...so happy you like my blog. ~ The feeling in mutual.

If you come up with any idea's, PLEASE do come back and post, I will be notified via email.

I am rather new to blogging..and so am learning as I go. And I do like being able to post as I wish and what I wish..kind of a "mishmash" of things....instead of just one theme....and people seem to enjoy it.


Collected Treasures said...

Hi Rose....I DID become your 100th and think your space here is gorgeous....looks like many wonderful ideas have been offered for your space. I bet builders start including houses with a "studio" built right in.....they need to anyway. I wonder how many dining rooms and extra bedrooms are now used for this purpose.....we have claimed OUR area...:) Thank you for becoming a follower and for such a sweet note......my daughter doesn't like all of these things either, but does appreciate the things I make and our family items....I'm sure the rest will go......I tell her that will be HER problem, as I'm going down with it all........lol
xo, jana

Anonymous said...

Rose, first of all, the watercolored ditital flowers are totally awesome!

The dress-up party looks like it was a fun day! ;-)

And...let's see...what can I NOT do without in my studio...EVERYTHING!! But I like boxes with labels on them. It helps me to find things so much easier. In fact, some of my labels are getting pretty torn and shabby but not chic anymore so I'm going to have to create new ones on the computer soon.

Have you seen the magazines, "Studio" and "Where Women Create"? Lots of studio ideas in those!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Rose.
Here is a link to what I use in my studio.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Jana...THANK YOU...and WELCOME ....you are undeniably my 100th follower ! I would never have believe this...when I started this blog a few months ago.
I am indeed honored by everyone who is here.

I looked forward to hearing from you again... and reading on your blog often.

Love your sense of humor.

I'm "going down" with my stuff too..if I can help it.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Dawn you have mail.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Diane, good suggestion...about the magazines, etc.( Dawn suggested the same)
I will have to look at both of those publications and see what I can afford to do..and if it would be workable for that space.
I don't want to take over the WHOLE dining room, just half of it. ( smiling)

LABELS...another good idea.
YOUR studio is so very, very neat and tidy...as I would expect of you for some reason.
I am a bit of a "clutter bug"..as my blog suggests...( laughing )