Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who went to Round Top. Tx. this week-end ?

We were suppose to go to Round Top, Tx to the Antique Show Sat. BUT...had a really rough night friday night with my Fibro.....and just was too beat in the AM to go.
And Sunday we already have other plans. Gosh I hated missing the show.
Did any of you get to go ?
I would love to see pictures if you did.


Linda Q said...

Hi Rose,
Sorry you didn't get to go Rose. That would be so fun I think, would love to do that one day.
Sorry about your Fibro, can relate, I am feeling thankful that mine flaring lately has eased up today but yesterday was a different thing. Rainy time of year off and on, so that is when it is worst for me. One reason I didn't travel out of town for my DIL's first baby shower, not up to it.
Feel better friend!
Gentle Hugs, Linda

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thank you Linda...we who know what Fibro does to our bodies and minds...understand this.
It is often hard for family and friends to comprehend our issues at times. We just can no longer do things we use to do...PERIOD !

And often at the last minute our plans have to change and it is not all that convenient for others when that has to happen. But they need to stop and think....HOW so much more inconvenient this is for US who have this unrelenting condition.
I would GLADLY hand them my pain ANY day..and walk away... and be able to go and do as we wish.

Lets hope tomorrow is a better day for both of us.

Rose said...

I wish I'd gone!! Someday....