Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just some cute stuff.....


stefanie said...

I am liking your rules!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yep Steph...they make sense to me too.


alice said...

Love the rules. The precious fairy lady with her star is adorable and my fav!
smiles, alice

Barbara Jean said...

Love that first pic!!

thanks for sharing.


barbara jean

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Alice...she is my favorite too...she sits on my computer desk..and smiles at tme all day long...there is a lady that works at an Antique Mall near us that looks JUST LIKE HER..and so I named her LOLA too.

BJ...sorry I added another picture at the top since you posted here, but I think you are refering to the little angels. Thank you.

BellaRosa said...

Rose amor, aww what pretties you shared with us today :) Thank you...that lil girl & her bonnet is just gorgeous and I love that lil o'l bitty doll :) She reminds me of my Ita...she was the Queen of the Bittys :) Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, my daughter is doing better and her friend is in the hosp. with a cast on his leg..but will be ok considering what could have happend. Besos, Rose

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said... are most welcome. I have so many of these types of images in my folders..I am going to start dumping them into my blog..for others to enjoy.

I am not familiar with Bittys..I'm sorry.
Send me an eamil with a picture of her OK ?

SO HAPPY that your daughter is doing "OK" now with what she witnessed happen to her friend. And am glad that he is going to be OK...sure could have turned our VERY differently. Did they arrest the guy that drove the van ?
Wonder if he was ON HIS CELL phone when the accident happened ?


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Ruth,

Yes, subdivisions can be a bit restrictive in order to keep harmony with the neighbors...

I live with 21 other neighbors on this ridge but no one is extremely close to the other..We have restrictions in place to insure that only "stick built" homes are constructed..(no mobile homes allowed) and the minimum square footage must be 2000 sq ft. I've got around 2500 sq ft and there are many that are larger than mine. Mountain living is different..many of us up here have the standby generators so we aren't freezing out butts off in the winter. :0)

We have the 20kw generator and I'm sure it would power your AC system just fine...the heat strips are what pulls the most power..our heat system running the heat strips is requires 15kw. This generator will also power up to 2 five ton central air conditioners. I've got a girl friend up in PA that has a GeoThermal Heat and Air system and they have the 20kw size too.

Actually, the standby generators are quite popular in the mountains..more so than anywhere else I've lived...but I guess it became that way due to the extreme cold and the power company not being able to get to us.

I like your images..that little girl is too cute. :-) Thanks for coming over for a visit!


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Ha..I am so tickled to see I am not the only one who calls someone by another name as well.
Don't feel so alone now.
I surely can understand why you all up there would find it necessary to have generators.
Your home looks much larger than 2500 square must be such a treat and pleasure to live there with the view you have.
When we lived up North..some people had heat strips installed in their driveways. Are yours in your home too ? to run and do some more blog visiting.