Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~ BUCKLE FOR SHOELAST...see last post too

Found a buckle for my shoe last...it's a start maybe.



BellaRosa said...

Rose!! I love how this looks!! Gorgeous, what about using that lace hanging over the sides like you have it now with a beautiful jeweled button or pieces of silver jewelery with rhinestones in the middle, making it look like a tied bow?? Does that make sense? I love, love it and I am so green right about now :) But also happy that you found one of these shoe lasts and are making it your own beautiful creation...I bow to you, my creative friend ;) Besos, Rose

ps...If you ever come across another one, please let me know :)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Hey Rose...good idea...yes I do know what you mean...I will see if I can make a decent bow out of this lace..or some other.
And I do like the idea of a sparkley "bangle" as well.
I will see if I can find a cheap "sparkly" someplace. I use to see them ALL the time at garage sales..but don't go to many garage sales anymore...usually not even worth stopping at it seems.
I will keep working on it.
I WILL keep an eye out for you for another shoe last...they are NOT easy to come by...I have seen many, but not the high heeled pointed ones.