Friday, December 18, 2009


Found these wonderful images of the
Night Before Christmas ~Antique Book Covers
Thought you would all enjoy seeing them.



Denise said...

HI Rose.....thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I use many different actions and textures. Are you a member of flickr? Its a great hosting site that many people give free textures and sell their actions on their blogs. I can email you with some great sites that have them..... said...

I love the book covers. I collect anything with a beautiful script. The one with the pine is my favorite, thanks for sharing them. Lisa

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Sweet Friend! What beautiful book covers a true expression of the wonder of Christmas!

Love and hugs,

Rebecca said...

Lovely, Miss Rose! Thanks for sharing.

Love, Rebecca

The Victorian Parlor said...

These are gorgeous!!!



Cori G. said...

Hi Rose,
How are you doing after all that coffee?! I hope your hubby hasn't had to peel you off the ceiling...that's what mine has to do if I have too much ;-).
I wanted to say thanks for the info on Queen Elizabeth the other day. I didn't realize she broke the record for being longest reining. Have you found the movie Young Victoria near you? The closest to me that it's playing is 45 minutes away so I think I'm going to wait and hopefully it'll turn up somewhere closer.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.

xoxo Cori got to go to Round Top? Lucky Woman!!!!

alice said...

I love those covers. I have a leather bound Night before Christmas [1890's]. The lithographes are wonderful. Have very Merry Christmas and good new year.
smiles, alice