Saturday, December 12, 2009


This guy met us in the patio area of the restaurant that we ate at today. ( Notice those "long horns"..all decked out )
On the way back started to mist heavily
....and we saw these other two is getting really cool and damp here now.
Click on the pictures to enlarge if you wish.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey Rose,

These photos are lovely!!'s your blogger 101 lesson for today! hehe

When you are in the blog editor typing in your text and uploading your photos....look at the bottom (actually to the left of where you see the word "labels" then you will see *Post Options* on that and you can schedule the time and date for your post to can back date it or date it for a future date. This really is a neat feature and I used it quite a bit when we were traveling for many days at a time last year...I'd spend a few days typing up all the posts that would publish each day while I was gone!

End of your lesson! Now go try it..:0)

Hugs, Stephanie

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

THANK YOU are so helpful.
And a good "explainer"...this will work.


time-worn interiors said...

Hey Rose, TOT here! I sent you an e-mail about the shelf, but I guess you didn't get it! All the things in the pictures on my blog are things I am keeping! Guess I should have shown before and after pictures. My bad! Thanks for asking though. Hope you have a wonderful Suday!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Theresa, I had not checked my emals yet today... have been gone since about 10:00 AM
But thanks for straightening out that matter for me.
I sure do "covet" your shelf.
It would look so beautiful above my den door. But I MUST says...SURE looks wonderful in your home tho.
Thanks for getting back with me.
Hugs, Rose