Thursday, December 3, 2009

~HOUSTON ~EXPECTING 2 or 3" of SNOW !~ But that did not happen !

I decided we needed to bring these
roses and some buds in...before the
snow arrives.
We were suppose to be getting 2 to 3" " of the white stuff
here in Southeast Texas on Friday......imagine that ?
We did some grocery shopping yesterday, so
that's good.
We have lived here almost 12 years
..and we have never seen it snow
here...I will try to get some pic's.
It's not expected until afternoon.
But, as of this evening, we only had a dusting of snow.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Rose,

Yes, it seems the deep south is gonna get some snow! It's always exciting to those I know that are on the Gulf Coast since they rarely see of right now I've got a 50% chance for it tomorrow night and 80% chance on this will be my first snow in the our new location...I won't get down the ridge once the weather changes so I went grocery shopping today.

Plenty of hot cocoa and cookies...that will get you through just about anything, right?! :0)

Have a great day,

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yep Steph, HOT SOUP, cookies, International Delight Coffee and Cocoa..nope...don't forget the COOKIES...and we will make it.
FURNACE don't fail us NOW.
It actually will be fun, but I don't have any of my winter boots left having lived down here for so long now... I don't want to fall and break something..that's for sure.
I will have to send my husband out for the pictures, he has BOOTS.
We were going to go down to Galveston, Tx this evening..for the ( Charles) "Dickens on the Strand" Festival..and Victorian Homes tours...but that is NOT going to happen.
Galveston is still trying to recover financially from Hurricane IKE (from a year ago last September )...this is a real money maker for the city of Galverston each Christmas's too bad.


Marilyn said...

I saw on the weather channel you could get this!! WOO HOO.... Winter is on it's way!!
NE Pa. is to get some of the frozen stuff on Saturday.......We're ready!!
Happy Holidays!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Marilyn, OH YES, when we lived up NORTH..they KNEW how to handle this type of weather..
NOT down here in the "Deep South"..that's for sure. No snowplows, no salt trucks, NADA!
It will be a MESS...!
WE are going NOWHERE today.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Pretty near close to a white Christmas! Is that exciting or what? We are going to get some too :)

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Lynn, ...hope we do have a WHITE CHRISTMAS..that would be UNIQUE here.