Sunday, December 20, 2009


Am guessing this little drop waist dress is about 110 years old...and it is still pretty sturdy.

In fact, I used it for a few years in my Portrait Studio, for girls to wear so that they and their dolls could have a "Victorian Tea Party"portait done in it.

Just could not part with it, after I closed my studio.

It is one of about 25 little ( mostly antique ) dresses I had collected at one time, all in different sizes...some I had custom made to appear old, so that my granddaugter could wear them for her portrait in my studio, whenever she and her mother and brothers would come and visit us in Indiana... from Texas.

I also had cute little ... turn of the ( last ) century outfits made for the boys...knickers, vests and such.

Rose ~


Anonymous said...

So feminine & so pretty!! What little girl wouldn't love to play dress up in this dress??
I know I would have when I was little!!
Merry Merry!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I agree with you 100%...I was into dolls and dress up big time when I was little.
Thank you,and MERRY CHIRSTMAS to you too Marilyn.