Monday, November 2, 2009

Custom Chair Covers

I had been collecting vintage
fabric for many years but had never
used it...until I found two parson's
chairs for my dining room and decided
to have slip covers made out of it for them.~~
They are so shabby chic and lovable
I can't stand it !~ The strip of brownish fabic in the back
matches some of the fabric that is on the seat of the chair.
I have put anique buttons on it too... hither and yon.



Queen of Dreamsz said...

Rose, these are so shabby..the ruffle on the back reminds me of a bustle! :0)


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Queen, I am LAUGHING....I had not thought of that...but you are does look like a little bustle back there.~~
My other chair has different fabric on it..for the most part..but I can't get to it to photograph it right now...too much stuff in the way in the dining room...imagine that ??~~


gypsylulu said...

What a neat idea, rose! that a ruffle all around it too? not the brownish piece... maybe show us the front side too, if you can!...i bet the chairs are lovely
with your table...

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Gypsy,the ruffle is around the entire floral back part of the chair. ~ It's hard to explain.
~I'll get another picture of it tomorrow ( a close up) to show you. ~ OK?


June said...

Rose, these are beautiful! I love the combination of fabrics that you have used. So pretty!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

June, I really like them too...that is what it's all about really I guess...if we love what we surround ourselves with in our homes...and it makes us happy and content to look at them each day. ~~
I have a dear friend who does not understand Shabby Chic, Antiques or Victorian at all...but I love her all the same.
She made me laugh so hard one day..when she said..." Why are Antiques so expensive...everything is SO OLD and they have all been USED ! " ~~
I love it.~~