Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~ COME NOVEMBER~~ An original poem by Barbara J. Schaller


The leaves have fallen on the ground
And the raking has begun.
The children frolic in the heaps
Enjoying the midday sun.

There is a slight chill in the air
A warning that winter is near.
The days are getting shorter
As autumn will disappear.

The woods are appearing barren,
And the birds migrate from the north.
Nature is slowly changing
As a new season comes forth.

Preparations for Thanksgiving
And an abundance of food.
It’s a time for counting blessings
And sharing the holiday mood.

November brings forth transitions,
And its beauty can still be found
On the farms and countryside
Where the season’s sights abound.

Author: © Barbara J. Schaller


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Just wanted to post this for my good friend Barbara ( Bobbi)...she writes sweet poetry..I would love to see them become published.
She has a real talent.


Barbara Schaller said...

Rosie...Thanks so much for posting my poem. It looks so nice to see it outside of my own file of poems. I also loved seeing your beautiful kaleidoscopes. You do them so well.
Your blogspot looks fantastic!

The Victorian Parlor said...


This is absolitely gorgeous! I love the picture and the poem is beautiful:)!



Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Thank you so much Kim I will tell Bobbi..she will be very happy you liked it.