Saturday, September 5, 2009

~~~~~~~PINK SATURDAY~~~~~~

Today has been a wierd day....did not leave the house
even once...and I am feeling a bit loggy as a result.
l think I will go out and get a breath of fresh air now.

Did some layering, texture and such on this one.


fannipauline said...

I love the roses in the vase - they are very beautiful. Do you sell them?

Rose ( Victorian Rose ) said...

Pauline, You make my heart SING.....I use to sell my Still Life images at Art Shows years ago...but have never sold vie the net.
If I get an adeqate number of requests for my images..I will look into how that might be accomplished. Stay tuned...OK ?
I have many of these "Vintage/Antique" Still Life images on my hard drive. And produce more each week. I will be posting some samples of them as I go along.

Thank you so much, Rose

Anonymous said...

Your still life images are gorgeous Rose!...
I always look forward to the next one...

Rose ( Victorian Rose ) said...

Nice of you to check it out..thank you so much, I do love making them as well.