Monday, September 21, 2009

Family History has been made today...
I have four siblings...and we have all NOW reached the age of 70 + ...we have probably beaten many of the odds...for most family's I believe.
I am proud of my three brothers and my sister......we have each grown up to be honorable, decent, caring individuals.... and we love each other very much.
Just wanted to share that fact with you all.


Anonymous said...

Rose, i expect that is most unusual for the 5 of you to be in your 70's...just wonderful!
Happy for you...

art said...

You and your siblings can be very proud of yourselves. "Good" genes may be part of the reason, but I suspect that your attitudes and lifestyles have more to do with such an achievement.


Rose ( Victorian Rose ) said...

Gypsy and Dianne...thank you for commening on this. I have not checked on the stastics and not sure how, but I do think it probably pretty unusual.
All five still surviving at this age.
The females in our family have a history of being 83-97 years old before we pass.
Yes, genes do have something to do with it...most of us are pretty far.
Dianne, RIGHT again...lifestyles and our attitudes are a good part of it.
Thank you, Rose